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Bareground Weed Control and Ground Sterilants

What is a Bareground Weed Control Treatment?
A bareground weed control treatment is a method used to prevent the growth of weeds and other unwanted vegetation in a designated area. This treatment involves applying herbicides or other chemicals to the soil or other surfaces to prevent plant growth. Bareground treatments are commonly used in areas such as industrial sites, vacant lots, and gravel driveways, and other areas where you don’t want any vegetation to grow. The term "bareground" refers to the fact that the treatment is applied to areas where no vegetation is desired, and is often used in areas where no desirable vegetation is present, such as gravel or pavement.

When is the Best Time to do a Baregound Application?
The best time to do a bareground weed control application depends on various factors such as the target weeds, the type of herbicide being used, and the climate of the area. However, in general, it is recommended to apply bareground treatments during the early spring before weeds begin to germinate and grow.

This timing is beneficial because it allows the herbicide to be applied before the weeds have a chance to establish and compete with desirable vegetation. Additionally, applying the treatment in the early spring when the soil is moist can enhance the herbicide's effectiveness.

Fall can also be an excellent time to do a bareground application, because you are going to kill any existing weeds which will prevent them going to seed and will help provide control into the next year.
It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and label recommendations for the specific herbicide being used. The label will provide information about the best timing for application based on the target weeds and the location. It is also important to consider the potential impact of weather conditions, as excessively wet or dry conditions can affect the efficacy of the treatment.
How Long Does a Bareground Treatment Last?

Typically there are two different types of bareground treatments that can be done with different residuals.

  1. Bareground: Bareground treatments are a post-emergent which means they kill the existing vegetation, but they do not prevent future weeds from germinating and growing. The length the treatment lasts will depend on how heavy the vegetation coverage was and if there were a lot of seeds that were dropped before the application was performed. It may be necessary to do this application a couple of times during the growing season.

  2. Industrial Bareground/Sterilant: An industrial bareground/sterilant is a combination of a post-emergent and a pre-emergent. So, it kills the existing vegetation but also prevents seeds from germinating. These are typically guaranteed for a year. 

Should I do a Bareground Treatment or a Sterilant?


  1. Less expensive

  2. Can plant shortly after in the treated area (making it idea for gardens, flowerbeds, etc)

  3. Most likely will need to re-treat for year round control


  1. More expensive

  2. Great for areas where you don’t want any growth-will not be able to plant afterwards for at least a year, so won’t want to use in a garden etc

  3. Guaranteed weed-free for the growing season


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