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Backflow Testing and Repair

Why Should I Test My Backflow?
Federal and state law requires that backflow prevention devices be tested annually to ensure they are functioning properly. The reason for this is that when water flows backwards through the backflow preventer, the public drinking water source may become contaminated. The purpose of the backflow prevention device is to prevent this backwards water flow, but occasionally these devices fail. In order to keep drinking water clean and free of contaminants, the law states that the backflow device must be tested annually by a licensed backflow tester.

What Causes Backflow?
Backflow occurs when there is a pressure drop in the water system. Most of the time, the homeowner is unaware of when this happens, such as when there is a main line break or when a garden hose is submerged in a swimming pool when filling it up, or when connecting the hose to a bug spray or weed spray. When these things happen, pressure changes lead to a reverse flow of water. When the backflow device is working correctly, it doesn’t allow the water to flow back through the device; it keeps the water flowing in only one direction.

Who Should I Have Test My Backflow?
It is important to have a licensed professional test your backflow. Please give us a call and we would be happy to schedule your backflow test with a licensed professional.

The test usually takes less than an hour. We may need to turn off your water for a short period of time. Hopefully we find that the backflow device is functioning properly, but if it is not we will let you know what is needed to get it repaired as economically as possible.
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  • Two store locations:
    2740 N Boeing St, Idaho Falls, ID 83401
    372 ID-39, Blackfoot, ID 83221
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